Terms and conditions

The cost of the trial is to be paid for in full on the day of trial.


DEPOSIT: To secure a date, a deposit may be required.


PAYMENT OF BALANCE: The balance is to be paid in full no later than 7 days before the wedding date. 


FINAL BALANCE: is payable to Alev Miller.

· If additional services are requested at the time of the event and time permits, these will be payable on the day of the wedding. The cost of extra services will be £60 per hair/makeup application.


HOURLY RATE: £50 per hour will be applied towards the final balance if touch-up services are needed.


TRAVEL RATE: The travel fee of 50p per mile is applied if more than 20 miles from EN7 5QL

· If the client does not agree to a trial, the artist will take no responsibility if the client is unhappy with their final look on the day of the wedding.

· If there is any damaged caused to the artists kit by the client or their bridal party, the client will be charged the full price to replace broken/damaged items.

· Alev Miller is not responsible for any accident or harm caused through kit tools.

· The client is responsible for keeping children away from heated appliances.

· No makeup services will be available for anyone with infectious illness. It is at the artist discretion to decline anyone who is unwell.



· The retainer/deposit paid by client is non refundable under any circumstances.



· Artist cannot guarantee or be held accountable for any allergic reactions, or any complications from the makeup or the application. Any photos taken by Artist on the day of the wedding/event can be used for their own promotional use on website, social media or on fliers unless otherwise agreed upon prior to wedding/event date. 

· *If there is a cancellation due  to Artist’s illness, accident, natural disaster and/or other reasons beyond the Artist's control then a refund may be issued to the client if no further service dates are agreed upon.