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Got questions about booking hair and makeup for your wedding? I have answers!

Hello and a happy new year from me here at flaming bride

If you got engaged over the festive period - CONGRATULATIONS! I thought I’d start the year off by giving you some information on booking your wedding hair and makeup.


Most makeup artists start booking weddings 12-18 months in advance but if you want to register your interest with someone you like sooner - then go for it.


Finding someone you like. Thanks to the joys of instagram it is very easy to see an artists hair and makeup work and this means you can see if their style fits your vision. If you’re looking at someones IG and want to look like the lovely humans you see before you then you’re already onto a winner.


Personality matters. We’re with you for a long time on your wedding morning, make sure the artists brand and general life ethos fits with your own.


Check for prices on websites. Figure out if you have the budget for your favourite artist and if your wedding isn’t local to where they’re based then remember you’ll have to factor in travel costs too.


Google is your friend here. Have a read through and see what the artists other clients have to say about them. This is really helpful if (like me) decision making doesn’t come easily to you. Getting reviews is the backbone of my business and I love my clients for taking the time to write a few words for me.

So there you have it my loves. Has this given you something to think about or do you have any questions? Let me know below.

xoxo Alev

P.s sorry for the GIFs but I love them.

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