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"Alev is the best makeup artist for your wedding, she never stamps you with a "bridal look" but spends time figuring out what will actually suit you"

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I’m a queer, millennial, body positive, intersectional feminist. I wear way too many rings, own too many pairs of vans and DMs and I use tattoos and piercings as therapy.


I really like cats, so much. Spent so much of my life calling random cats in the street only to be offended when they don’t reciprocate my love. I have two cats called Bowie and Cece who you might meet if you come for a trial. They’re pretty nosey.


I’ll instantly love you if you laugh at my rubbish jokes or you make me laugh, no pressure.

I’m a planner. Everything is planned to the last minute and in great detail and only then will my soul be soothed. 


I love audiobooks and podcasts- mainly if they’re helping me be a better intersectional feminist or just helping me be the best version of myself. 

I talk a lot and will happily over-share given half the chance. See above.

Looking for natural wedding hair and makeup? You've come to the right place.

Hey I’m Alev (pronounced like Alex but with a V) a hair and makeup artist with a passion for natural wedding hair and makeup for modern brides. Based just outside London in Hertfordshire, I travel all over the UK for my brides.

I've been a hair and makeup artist for 7 years and I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands - Boucleme, House of Fraser, British Airways, Tottenham and Musto to name a few!

(You can see my commercial work here if you like)

If you've read enough and want to get in touch, you can do so by clicking here!

If you want to know more random stuff about me then just keep reading!

wedding makeup london
wedding hair and makeup

A note on the name:

Flaming Bride came about from my love of being a bit different, never really fitting in and always challenging the beauty standards set for women. I can’t stand to see the same old "bridal" images over and over again, so I felt some fire, or more of a flame thrower was needed. My name (Alev) is a Turkish name which translates to "flame" (thanks mum and dad) so with that, Flaming Bride was born!


The word bride isn't representative of everyone getting married, hence the reason it's on fire!

I wanted the name to not feel exclusive - more inclusive. A place where everyone can just be themselves. No traditions needed.

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