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Welcome to Flaming Bride!

If you're looking for natural wedding hair and makeup that looks and feels like you, then you've made it to the right place.

Hey, I'm Alev an awkward millennial just trying my hardest to spread joy and inspire you with glossy, natural hair and makeup.

Together we can build a style that works for you and celebrates your uniqueness.
This is hair and makeup you can wear on your wedding day and not wedding hair and makeup!

Weddings are not one race, one colour, one gender or one size. This is a fully inclusive space for all humans. I want to celebrate you just as you are.

natural wedding hair and makeup London

A natural wedding makeup and hair look that makes you feel like you but elevated is my passion.
Empowering people to buck tradition and wedding norms to go with the natural wedding hair and makeup that makes them feel truly beautiful from the inside out is what really gets me out of bed in the morning (and those are some early mornings let me tell you!)

Come get to know me, my style and my question to you is this, would you invite me to your wedding? Because if you can picture me there with you, that is a really good place to start.

wedding hair and makeup london
wedding hair and makeup hertfordshire

Curly wedding hair styling

Want to keep your natural curls for your wedding but not sure where to start?


It's tough out there for curly people! Years of having your already perfect texture heat blasted out only to have curls put back in again? EEEK! No I don't do that here.


Having trained with Lindsey Hughes (the best curly hair dresser in the UK) I can now offer full curly blowdrys, natural curl styling and lots of tips and tricks to get your curls looking amazing for your wedding day and everyday!


You can find more information about it here.

natural hair and makeup London

"Alev did my hair and makeup for my wedding, along with my mother and mother-in-law's. I wanted to find someone who had experience in working on different skin tones as well as curly hair, and Flaming Bride really encapsulated exactly what i was looking for - in both experience and attitude!

I hands down couldn't have asked for anyone better - during my trial, she understood exactly what I was looking for, and we experimented to find a wonderful style that suited my specific hair type and texture.

On the actual wedding day, she was so supportive, got along like a house on fire with my family and wedding party, and was exactly the aura that I needed on the morning before the ceremony. Can't recommend Alev enough, she is an absolute gem in the industry!"

Lakshmi - whose wedding was featured in Rock My Wedding - you can read all about it here!

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natural wedding hair and makeup
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wedding hair and makeup
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